Young People are Getting More Conservative

Ryan Hite, Jordan Henry, John and Andy Schlafly

A sociology professor at Michigan State University was dismayed this spring at the findings of her public school-funded study. Professor Maria Isabel Ayala [AYELA] interviewed 50 latino students at Midwestern University - just over half women. Her goal was to find how they explained their academic success. To her abject horror, she found that they credited meritocracy and the free market for their academic achievements!

One student told her that “everyone is equal and we all have the same experiences...I have [worked hard] and I deserve it.” Another was quoted as saying “I am disadvantaged, and I am very aware of that, but it is not a bad thing, I just have to work harder.”

Professor Ayala could not believe her ears, and concluded that these minority students were simply perpetuating “colorblind racism.” They had simply dismissed the idea that racism has impact them in their educational pursuits. She went so far as to claim that “color-blindness within higher education negatively shapes” minority students.

We often hear stories from delusional liberals on college campuses, but this study perfectly illustrates the state of utter confusion liberals often find. This professor could only conclude that minority students who believe in free markets and hard work are simply ignorant to how ignoring race on campus supposedly “invalidates their unique” experiences as people of color. Her findings were brought to you by Michigan tax dollars!

What this professor stumbled upon is truthfully not a surprise to those of us watching the trends of the young people. Even liberals must sometimes acknowledge that today’s young Americans are rejecting much of the liberal ideology. In fact, surveys show that compared to Millennials before them, Generation Z (today’s high school and college students) are less sexually activity, less likely to abuse drugs and alcohol, and even more likely to attend weekly church services. Gen Z also shows stronger entrepreneurial spirit and more fiscal responsibility than their Millennial predecessors.

Obviously, this doesn’t mean that all of America’s problems are cured. But when the media tells you that the Right is losing young voters -- don’t believe them. The rise of individualism is leading young Americans to reject the message of politically-correct liberalism.

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