Violent Outburst Against Rand Paul

Ryan Hite, Jordan Henry, John and Andy Schlafly

When a Leftist goes on a shooting rampage and then kills himself, or is killed by a bystander, then there may not be much to prosecute. But last month, a frightening assault against a leading conservative in the U.S. Senate, Rand Paul, has left much to prosecute in order to deter future attacks like it.

This brutal attack by an outspoken liberal was cowardly, to put it mildly. Senator Paul had been peacefully mowing his own lawn while wearing ear plugs, when his assailant sneaked up behind him to hit him so hard that it broke six ribs and caused lung contusions.

It bloodied Senator Paul’s face, too, which suggests that the assailant didn’t merely “tackle” as initial media reports described. Instead, the substantial injuries suggest that this was a calculated attempt to inflict pain.

The assailant was a wealthy middle-aged man who apparently had lots of time on his hands. Rene Boucher, aged 59, is listed by a Kentucky government website as being a retired physician who no longer practices medicine.

Like most of the other perpetrators of recent violence, Boucher is a registered Democrat who has posted rants against President Donald Trump. Boucher has advocated for gun control but apparently was just fine with an ambush of a U.S. Senator that injured him with physical violence.

The Department of Justice spends many millions searching for non-existent crimes by supporters of Donald Trump. Meanwhile, the U.S. Senate will be without one of its finest members for some time due to this attack on him by a Democrat.

Boucher’s attorney quickly insisted that the attack has nothing to do with politics. Yet Boucher has not yet publicly provided a real apology or plausible explanation for his violent ambush.

This was the second time that Senator Paul was subjected to an ambush, the first being the shooting on the ballfield near D.C. where the unarmed conservative Representative Steve Scalise was gunned down in a politically motivated ambush. Yet the Department of Justice has apparently done little to protect Trump supporters since.3

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