Transgender Wrestler Wins Texas State Title

Ryan Hite, Jordan Henry, John and Andy Schlafly

In February, the Texas public high school wrestling program awarded the state championship in Class 6a girls 110-pound division to a biological female who identifies as a transitioning, transgender “man” named Mack Beggs. Beggs is still a female on her birth certificate but has been on testosterone hormone therapy since 2015. According to the University Interscholastic League (UIL), which runs public high school sports in Texas, Mack is required to compete as what her birth certificate shows - a female. What this means, is a female taking testosterone therapy to increase muscle mass and strength, is allowed to compete in the girls’ division and has taken two state championships over two years with an undefeated record. She has defeated the same young woman twice now in 2018 and 2017 for the state title.

This insanity is patently unfair to the other young women who compete fairly and without the aid of muscle-building treatments and politically-correct progressives behind them. Beggs may claim it’s her technique and “heart” that make her a champion but the girls she wrestles against beg to differ. The Dallas Morning News asked senior Kayla Fitts, who was undefeated until she lost to Beggs in the 2018 semifinals in February, if she thought it was fair to have to wrestle Beggs. “No,” she replied firmly. “The strength definitely was the difference.” She added a parting line emphasizing the unfairness saying, “I didn’t anticipate how strong HE was.” 

This story of a biological girl with the strength of a man being allowed to compete against other girls is the latest in a long line of transgender activists using children and teenagers as their political playing pieces. When a girl like this is allowed the advantages of essentially doping on testosterone because it’s politically correct to allow her “gender preference,” other females are deprived opportunities for scholarships, awards, and recognition that they would otherwise have access too. Last we checked, the progressive left called themselves the champions of womens’ advancement.

The left can claim all they want that so-called transgender students are victims of a judgmental society, but in the sports world what’s really happening here goes by a simpler name: cheating.

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