Remembering Purple Heart Day

Ryan Hite, Jordan Henry, John and Andy Schlafly

Today is a very important but little-known American holiday. Do you know what it is? Well, our president certainly does. One year ago today, he tweeted this to all Americans: “On #PurpleHeartDay, I thank all the brave men and women who have sacrificed in battle for this GREAT NATION! #USA.” President Trump was right to send out that tweet, even if the mainstream media did not think it deserved as much attention as some of his other tweets. It is very important for us as a nation to recognize and remember recipients of the Purple Heart.

The Purple Heart is the oldest military decoration still given in the United States. Originally called the “Badge of Military Merit,” it was first given by George Washington in 1782. It honors men and women wounded or killed in an active combat zone. The Purple Heart is among the most venerated decoration given to members of our Armed Forces.

We live in a day when there are very few things all Americans come together for. Fake News media and liberal politicians have demonstrated time and time again that they want to divide our nation. On this special day of recognition, we should unite in our solidarity with members of the Armed Forces who have received the high honor of the Purple Heart. Their sacrifice is something for which all Americans owe an eternal debt of gratitude.

You may wonder why we need a Purple Heart Day when we already have a Memorial Day and a Veterans Day. I wonder why we don’t do more to celebrate those men and women who sacrifice for our freedom. Every day, brave Americans risk life and limb to protect you and me from the evil and tyranny of this world. Their job isn’t confined to two days out of the year, so our job of honoring their sacrifice shouldn’t stop either. I am grateful that President Donald Trump would use his Twitter feed to remind all Americans of the debt of gratitude we own to those wounded or killed in defense of liberty.

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