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Remembering Phyllis with Reading

Ed Martin

Today we mark one year since the irreplaceable Phyllis Schlafly received her heavenly rewards, and shed the troubles of this earth. Each and every day we miss her terribly. I often wish I could walk into her office - as I often did - and ask her how she would handle a given situation. 

She left us specific instructions to carry on the good work before us – to help fix our broken culture and to help make our American nation great again!  "Politics is where the action is!" she would always tell us. From strategic defense and party politics to immigration and abortion policy, Phyllis encouraged so many generations of grassroots conservatives to keep up the fight and not back down on their principles.

She would often remind me that our work is done "for our families and for each other."  Many of Phyllis Schlafly's greatest achievements and public victories came from a very personal desire for her own family. We are specifically honoring one of those motivations on this anniversary. 

Although Phyllis's name was synonymous with anti-big government education policy, her convictions on this issue stemmed from her strong belief in parents teaching their own children to read at home, just as she did. As phonics disappeared from American classrooms, Phyllis developed the First Reader to fill this need for her grandchildren. Soon after, she published the Turbo Reader for older students.













Phyllis desired that every American be able to read the Bible and the U.S. Constitution for themselves. We hope to continue her passion for literacy. In memory of this first anniversary of Phyllis's passing, we are offering Phyllis's Turbo Reader to churches across the country for use in their libraries. You can see our offertory letter here. 

Phyllis believed in "actions – not talking," and we will continue her work in getting good information to Americans. 

Thank you all for especially remembering Phyllis with us on this bittersweet anniversary as we celebrate her life and legacy.  

All the best.



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