“History proves that the capitalist system works. The countries endowed with free minds and private property rights have been the fastest-growing and the most prosperous.”

Phyllis Schlafly

Phyllis Schlafly Next Generation

Mission Statement: Training up the next generation to participate, act and lead in socially and fiscally conservative causes. Our causes include but are not limited to life, traditional marriage, protecting faith, educational choice, and prudent small government.

What do we do?

We get together at least once a month for an activity that is fun and educational. Things we like to do include dances, scavenger hunts, and paddleboat games.

Our organization facilitates internships with local, state, and federal elected officials. Anyone can apply to start a chapter in their college or high school.

College members who put their mark on conservative issues above the rest may be offered the opportunity to become a “Schlafly Fellow.” Fellows are given a paid monthly stipend, all expenses paid for both the July Eagle Collegians Summit in Washington DC and the September Eagle Council meeting in Saint Louis.

College and high school chapters can apply to receive meeting and activity reimbursement.

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Contact Lisa Pannett at lisa(at)pseagles.com for more information.