PRESS: Virginia House of Delegates Committee Rejects Bills Aimed to Remove Monuments

Ryan Hite

St. Louis, MO:  Early this morning a Virginia House of Delegates subcommittee voted overwhelmingly against a series of bills that would facilitate the removal or relocation of Confederate Civil War monuments. Among those testifying against the removal of these historic monuments was Eagle Forum Education & Legal Defense Fund Chairman Helen Marie Taylor, a resident of Richmond, Virginia for over 40 years. 

In 1968 Mrs. Taylor stood in front of paving machines to prevent Monument Avenue's (her home street) paving blocks from being covered with asphalt. Today she suggested adding monuments to prominent African-American Virginians, specifically mentioning former Gov. Doug Wilder, the first elected African-American governor in America's history.

"I have witnessed myself the progress that Virginia has made in seeking a more perfect union," Taylor said. "I hope you will vote against all of these bills. Because what these monuments portray is our history."

President of the organization Ed Martin traveled to Richmond to be with Mrs Taylor today during testimony, and had this to say following the votes:

"We are proud of our Chairman's tireless work to preserve history, no matter how politically incorrect it may now be labeled. This movement to white-wash our history will lead us only to repeat the same mistakes we have already grown from.  We are glad to have Eagles fighting against historical revisionism. We must remember our past, especially the uncomfortable parts. It is particularly disturbing that the left would seek to erase recognition of the many lives it cost to unify our country again 150 years ago."

As John and Andy Schlafly's column on this topic from August 23, 2017 concluded: "For as long as civilization has existed, the end of life on earth has been a time to remember the dead and to reflect on what their lives meant to us who survive."

Click here to read their column in full.   


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