PRESS: Trump Issues Pardon for Heavyweight Champion and Prolific Inventor Jack Johnson

Ryan Hite


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St. Louis, MO:  Great news! Today, President Trump issued a full posthumous pardon to Jack Johnson, the heavyweight boxing champion, inventor, and entrepreneur. Johnson was convicted of violating the Mann Act in 1913, taking a white woman across state lines for 'immoral' purposes. His conviction and imprisonment have since been rightly decried as a miscarriage of justice and racism. 

What many Americans who are hearing this news today may not know, however, is that Jack Johnson was also an inventor, entrepreneur, and a patent holder! Phyllis Schlafly Eagles President Ed Martin wrote about this very topic in April, when Trump first tweeted about his pardon consideration for Johnson. Ed discussed the history that shows a long record of innovation and inventions Johnson pursued - before, during, and after his time in prison. 

"Jack Johnson stands as excellent example of the full spectrum of what an individual can accomplish in America, thanks to invention and our patenting system," said Ed Martin. "We are excited that President Trump has pardoned him, and want to take this opportunity to encourage Americans to read more about this model of ingenuity and innovation who proved what our founding fathers understood - that when men are given property rights over their ideas and creativity, we can create and maintain our wonderful, prosperous, and free America."

Thank you, President Trump, for pardoning Jack Johnson and bringing justice to this excellent example of American ingenuity and freedom.  

Read more from Ed Martin's article here


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