PRESS: Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Colorado Baker Jack Phillips

Ryan Hite

St. Louis, MO: The U.S. Supreme Court voted this morning 7-2 in favor of Colorado Masterpiece Cakes owner Jack Phillips, who in 2012 refused participation in a same-sex wedding. The High Court held that the Colorado Civil Rights Commission was hostile toward Phillips in their prosecution of him based on his religious beliefs.

"This is a great win for Jack Phillips and sets a great tone moving forward in the battle for religious liberty," said Ed Martin, president of Phyllis Schlafly Eagles. "There are many disputes brewing in America over individual rights of conscience, speech, and religious expression. Though this ruling is very specific, it sets a great tone of defending our rights of conscience and religious expression.

"Make no mistake from what we hear from the media, this is not a dispute over the discriminating against homosexuals or refusing to serve someone. This is fight is about being forced to participate in and endorse events that violate an individual or business owner's own religious beliefs."



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