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TOPIC: Press Releases

PRESS: Journalist James O'Keefe to Host Book Signing, Receive Award
By: Ryan Hite

Project Veritas Founder Will Receive Inaugural Kitty Werthmann Award for Uncovering the Truth St. Louis, MO:  Journalist James O'Keefe will join the Phyllis Schlafly Eagles annual leader... Read More

PRESS: Activist Judge Defies White House on DACA
By: Ryan Hite

Supremacist Judge William Alsup of Federal District Court in San Francisco Orders Trump to Continue DACA St. Louis, MO:  Late Tuesday night, Judge William Alsup of the Federal District Court... Read More

PRESS: Put Americans First, No To DACA
By: Ryan Hite

DACA Expiration Gives Congress and President Opportunity to Improve American Economy. Washington, D.C.: As Congress considers 2018 spending and policy, Democrats continue to insist on fal... Read More

PRESS: Congressional Votes Expected on Tax Reform Legislation Today
By: Ryan Hite

Major reforms would signal another Trump campaign promise fulfilled.   St. Louis, MO:  Both the House and Senate are expected to vote today on tax reform legislation, a major campaign ... Read More

PRESS: Congress Must Say No To Amnesty Push In Year End Spending BillĀ 
By: Ryan Hite

Washington, D.C.:  In a final push for the spending bill that must be passed by December 22, Democrats have threatened to not support the bill without an amnesty for DACA recipients. The Speaker ... Read More

PRESS: Ed Martin Alabama Election Coverage
By: Ryan Hite

Ed Martin to provide several hours of Alabama election day analysis on new St. Louis Radio show and CNN national programming.   St. Louis, MO:  Ed Martin, President of Phylli... Read More

PRESS: GOP Kingmakers Back Down in Alabama
By: Ryan Hite

Phyllis Schlafly Wrote About Kingmaker Meddling in Elections; Alabamians have Witnessed It Firsthand.   St. Louis, MO:  This week the nation witnessed an astonishing blo... Read More

PRESS: Kate Steinle Killer Found Not Guilty
By: Ryan Hite

Acquittal of Jose Zarate Shows More Need than Ever for Wall, Tighter Border Security. St. Louis, MO:  Across the country, Americans were shocked last night when Jose Zarate received a not... Read More

IWY Recap: Forty Years after International Women's Year
By: Ryan Hite

On this day forty years ago, the national convention in Houston, Texas, of the National Commission on the Observance of International Women's Year came to a close. The radical feminist agenda... Read More

IWY: Nanny State Daycare
By: Ryan Hite

As we wrap up our coverage of the 40th Anniversary of the failed International Women's Year activities, we will highlight a final issue that carried on years past the 1977 Houston Convention. The ... Read More

IWY: State Conventions Try To Fake Feminist Grassroots Support
By: Jordan Henry

Phyllis Schlafly was a master of grassroots organization. Her stunning victory over the overwhelming money and power behind the pro-ERA forces is the very model of what grassroots activism should be. ... Read More

IWY: ERA Leaders' Radical Agenda
By: Ryan Hite

Leaders of the "women's liberation" movement in the 1970s claimed time and again that their true motives were to defend all American women and give them, once and for all, true equality ... Read More

IWY: Crowd Size and Energy of the Pro-Family Rally
By: Jordan Henry

The National Women’s Conference held on November 18-21, 1977, was a blatant attempt to use government funds to push for a feminist agenda favoring the bogus Equal Rights Amendment, taxpayer-fund... Read More

IWY: Anniversary of The 'Battle of Midway' for the Pro-Family Movement
By: Ryan Hite

By 1977, it was clear that those in favor of the Equal Rights Amendment were losing steam quickly. Phyllis Schlafly and her Stop ERA army were gaining more ground than ever. As Indiana became the thir... Read More

IWY: Anniversary of The "Battle of Midway" for the Pro-Family Movement
By: Ryan Hite

By 1977, it was clear that those in favor of the Equal Rights Amendment were losing steam quickly. Phyllis Schlafly and her Stop ERA army were gaining more ground than ever. As Indiana became the thir... Read More

GOP Nominates Conservative Rep. Rick Saccone for PA-18 Special Election
By: Ryan Hite

The Phyllis Schlafly Eagles-endorsed candidate will run in the March 18 special election to represent the state's 18th district. St. Louis, MO: Saturday, November 11, conservativ... Read More

Judiciary Subcomittee Holds Hearing on H.R. 490
By: Ryan Hite

"If A Heartbeat is Detected, the Baby is Protected" - Testimony to be Heard on Rep. King and Janet Porter's Bill Washington, D.C.: Eagle Forum Education & Legal Defense Fund has b... Read More

U.S. Inventor Announces Protest In Support of American Inventors
By: Jordan Henry

The following press release comes from our friends in the fight for the American patent system at U.S. Inventor: U.S. Inventor Announces Protest in Support of American Inventors at the United State... Read More

Sports Gambling Amicus Briefs
By: Jordan Henry

An essential part of the mission of the Eagle Forum Education & Legal Defense Fund is to give important amicus briefs to the Supreme Court when they decide important cases. Below you will find a l... Read More

AG Sessions' Office Releases Memo on Religious Liberty
By: Ryan Hite

Washington, D.C.:  The Office of Attorney General Jeff Sessions, as directed by President Trump, released a memo today on Federal Law Protections for Religious Liberty. This memo acknow... Read More

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