PRESS: Put Americans First, No To DACA

Ryan Hite

DACA Expiration Gives Congress and President Opportunity to Improve American Economy.

Washington, D.C.: As Congress considers 2018 spending and policy, Democrats continue to insist on false deadlines for DACA dreamers. Creating a permanent amnesty fix for illegal immigrants on temporary Obama-issued "dreamer" visas has become a top priority for Liberals in Congress, and they continue to lament false deadlines to provoke action from lawmakers. 

“Unfortunately for Democrats there really is no looming deadline for so-called dreamers,” said Ed Martin, President of Phyllis Schlafly Eagles. “There is no such approaching date, as the bulk of Obama's work-permits don't expire until late 2018 or even 2019. And when these Obama-issued work permits do begin to expire, young American men and women of working age will find many hundreds of thousands of jobs available."

Martin continued: “We urge Congress and President Trump to delay any action on DACA. This is not an Americans First policy. It is one more failed behemoth from the Obama era that needs to fall to the wayside.”

“Refusing to save DACA has many positive results for the Trump administration and Republicans in Congress,” said Executive Director Rebekah Gantner. “Delaying action on DACA will open many thousands of jobs for Americans. It will improve, not just expand, the economy. It helps move toward honesty in government — as even President Obama called this a temporary ‘stop-gap’ measure, not a permanent solution.

“It will also help Republicans politically as Democrats are forced to spend even more time and energy defending an unpopular pro-illegal stance that will cost taxpayers far more money than is being admitted now. We urge Congress and the White House to stand against this pressure to continue the globalist policies of the Obama Era that left so many Americans in the dust.”

Several million young Americans turn of working age every year, and continuing failed, globalist programs like DACA will ensure that there are fewer jobs for American citizens and less prosperity and stability for American families. No to DACA. 



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