PRESS: Justice Anthony Kennedy to Retire, New Opportunity to Secure Constitutional Court

Ryan Hite

Trump to fill a second seat on the nation's highest court.

St. Louis, MO: This afternoon, the Supreme Court issued the highly anticipated news that Justice Anthony Kennedy will retire his seat at the end of July.  President Donald Trump will have now a second seat to fill on the court, giving the chance for decades of impact on America's legal landscape. 

"We commend Justice Kennedy on many excellent votes this term and on his years of service to our nation's Judiciary," said Ed Martin, president of Phyllis Schlafly Eagles. "We also commend President Trump on his first nomination last year. Justice Gorsuch has been a welcome addition to the court, and we encourage the president to continue fulfilling his promise to 'select judges in the mold of Scalia.'

"On March 11, 2016 - the day Phyllis Schlafly endorsed him for President - Donald Trump promised Phyllis that he would protect the Republican Platform and pick judges like Antonin Scalia for all levels of our federal judiciary. So far, in his first 18 months, he has kept those promises. We are grateful - and we remind him to continue keeping his promises to the American people. He has an excellent opportunity now to remove politics and political correctness and select a justice who will follow the Constitution and our Founders' intent as their guide."

Martin concluded: "This is also a time for Republicans in the Senate to show a unified vision and support for this great opportunity and to support the quick confirmation of a good nominee. In such an important election year, we are counting on the Senate body - Republicans and Democrats alike - to not give way to obstructionism. Now is the time to keep pushing for an efficient and transparent government that voters long for. This is the best year for Trump to nominate a strong, reliable Justice and for the Senate to see them to the bench quickly."



Donald Trump signs Phyllis Schlafly’s copy of the  2016 GOP Platform, September 2016.
Donald and Melania Trump attend Phyllis Schlafly’s funeral in St. Louis, September 2016. 




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