PRESS: Journalist James O'Keefe to Host Book Signing, Receive Award

Ryan Hite

Project Veritas Founder Will Receive Inaugural Kitty Werthmann Award for Uncovering the Truth

St. Louis, MO:  Journalist James O'Keefe will join the Phyllis Schlafly Eagles annual leadership meeting called the Gathering of Eagles next week in St. Louis to promote his new book and to receive the inaugural Kitty Werthmann Award. Werthmann, a survivor of the Third Reich and of Communism, has given decades of service as one of Phyllis's Eagle leaders, including undercover work, investigative matters, and tenacious pursuit of the truth.

"We are privileged to give this inaugural award named after one of Phyllis Schlafly's dearest friends," said Ed Martin, President of Phyllis Schlafly Eagles. "And we are thrilled that its first recipient will be a man who has fought so hard to expose the dirty playbook of the radical liberal agenda. James O'Keefe has stood fearless in the face of the progressive political machine.

"We are honored to hear from him at our annual leadership meeting, and we look forward to the launch of his upcoming book. James is an excellent choice for this award, as he embodies the characteristics that have made Phyllis Schlafly Eagles so impactful in their work. He has an unquenchable thirst for the truth and the ferocious dedication to seeing the work done."

O'Keefe's latest book, American Pravda: My Fight for Truth in the Era of Fake News, is released on January 16. He will be attending the annual Gathering of Eagles leadership meeting for Phyllis Schlafly Eagles in St. Louis on January 19, where he will participate in a private book signing as well as address the Gathering while receiving his award. 

While this event is invitation-only, and closed to the public, there will be limited press credentialing for the book signing only.

Press inquiries and credentials can be obtained by contacting Ryan Hite at or (314) 721-1213.


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