PRESS: Illinois ERA Vote Expected This Week; It Must Be Defeated

Ryan Hite

St. Louis MO: Proponents of the Equal Rights Amendment, which died officially in 1982 after the deadline for ratification passed, are trying to revive the failed Constitutional amendment. They are pushing hard in the Illinois state legislature to overcome a required supermajority vote in both House and Senate. A vote is expected as early as Tuesday, April 10 in the Senate. 

"The radical feminist movement just can't accept that the ERA is dead," said Ed Martin, president of Phyllis Schlafly Eagles. "Proponents of this bad constitutional change are banking on the liberal courts to help them raise this issue back to life.

"The Equal Rights Amendment is dangerous and would do exactly the opposite of what supporters claim. Phyllis Schlafly undeniably proved in the 1970s that ERA would actually remove many privileges and rights that women currently enjoy under U.S. law! It would be a disaster. 

"We must stop the new move to resurrect ERA. Illinois legislators should heed the wise advice of Phyllis Schlafly and their predecessors in STOPPING the damage to Women's rights in the United States."

Illinois Stop ERA Chairwoman Elise Bouc has been faithful for many years in working to educate people on this issue. She appeared on The Ed Martin Movement radio program this afternoon, heard on 1380 AM 105.3FM The Answer STL. Click below to hear her informative segment. 


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