PRESS: Eagle Forum Education & Legal Defense Fund to Host Phyllis Schlafly Lecture and Essay Contest

Ryan Hite

Pensacola Christian College serves as launch location for Phyllis Schlafly legacy project.

St. Louis, MO:  The Eagle Forum Education & Legal Defense Fund, which houses the archives of Phyllis Schlafly, is launching a new project in February to promote the work and legacy of Phyllis Schlafly. The Phyllis Schlafly Lecture and Essay Contest will be hosted at Pensacola Christian College in Florida.  

"Phyllis Schlafly was a tireless worker for traditional values in our American system," said Ed Martin, President of Eagle Forum Education & Legal Defense Fund. "She left us much work to continue, and one task that we take seriously is to continue promoting her time-tested solutions for the problems we face in America. From defending life and the family to economic and security policy, Phyllis was not only accurate in her analysis but she was right on the mark for what we must do to preserve this American experiment.

"The Phyllis Schlafly Center in St. Louis takes seriously our job of promoting her body of work and encouraging the next generation of young leaders to study her work and solutions. This new Lecture and Essay project will do just that, and we are thrilled to partner with Pensacola to encourage their students to study one of the most notable leaders in modern American history!" 

A special talk titled "National Sovereignty in the Age of Trump" on February 15 will serve as the launch for a weeks-long essay contest. Students will be encouraged to study the life and legacy of Phyllis Schlafly and to examine the important issues that face our country today.

This host connection is very special for our current and past staff and interns. Washington, D.C. Director Rebekah Gantner and Research Director Jordan Henry, as well as past intern Sean Delaney are all Pensacola Christian College graduates. 



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