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PRESS: Democratic Party Pushes Aside Pro-Life Members

Ryan Hite
Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Refusing to support anti-abortion Democrat Congressman.


St. Louis, MO: In an apparent move against their own incumbents, the campaign arm of the Democratic Party in the House has so far refused to endorse their seven-term incumbent Democrat Rep. Dan Lipinski from Illinois' 3rd District. Rep. Lipinski is part of the remnant inside the party known as "Blue Dogs," a coalition of center-left Democratic lawmakers in the House. Most notably, Lipinski has always taken a pro-life stance; publicly opposing his party. He now faces a tough primary on March 20 from a very liberal opponent.

"It's no secret that the Democrat Party has veered away from any moderate positions," said Ed Martin, President of Phyllis Schlafly Eagles. "Now that the party has jettisoned all hints of moderation from their platform it looks like they are looking to remove any remnant of anti abortion members and leaders from their ranks, regardless of seniority or incumbency.

"Dan Lipinski, the pro-life, Blue Dog Democrat leader is the latest in a long line of Democratic Party casualties. The disturbing radical ideas and authoritarian control from the party's head are seeing to the removal of all traditional American voices. DCCC leadership lining up to support a pro-abortion primary challenger to this incumbent is the latest public battle that shows the dark side of the swamp. It must be drained to defend the Republic!"



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