PRESS: Congress Must Say No To Amnesty Push In Year End Spending Bill 

Ryan Hite

Washington, D.C.:  In a final push for the spending bill that must be passed by December 22, Democrats have threatened to not support the bill without an amnesty for DACA recipients. The Speaker of the House and other Republican lawmakers have signaled that amnesty is not on the table in this bill, and we encourage them to stand strong against Democrats in these final days before passage.

"We strongly oppose a move to put amnesty for DACA recipients in this year-end spending package," said Ed Martin, President of Eagle Forum Education & Legal Defense Fund. "Congress too often makes deals at the last minute that send unrelated policy 'surprises' as riders on important bills. It's time for the Republican-lead congress to put a stop to that confusing and often dishonest practice."

"Policy trades on blanket amnesty programs are irresponsible and harmful to our nation and our rule of law," said Rebekah Gantner, Executive Director of Eagle Forum Education & Legal Defense Fund. "We encourage House Speaker Ryan and Republican Leadership across the board to stick by their guns and not allow this bad policy to be pushed through in haste. American voters sent a clear mandate to all of Washington, D.C. in November 2016 to stop pushing through policies that are harmful to American workers and security and to stop making deals behind closed doors. We urge Congress to pass a clean bill without amnesty riders that are destructive to America."

Congress is set to vote by December 22 on an end of year package to avoid a so-called "government shutdown." Phyllis Schlafly Eagles members will be urging their congressional representatives to oppose amnesty programs for DACA and to oppose deceptive legislative procedures.


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