Never-Trumpers’ Violence Goes Unpunished

Ryan Hite, Jordan Henry, John and Andy Schlafly

After more than a year since Donald Trump’s election, there are still pockets of resistance that refuse to acknowledge a peaceful transition of power and the new administration. Many holdouts can be found on college campuses, where the feminist culture remains scornful of President Trump. Others are holed up in the federal bureaucracy, where workers continue to block the agenda that Trump was elected to implement.

Pop psychologists say there are five stages of grief. First is denial, then anger or resistance, and beyond that there is acceptance, reconstruction, and hope.

Democrats and Republican Never-Trumpers have long been in the stage of denial, as displayed by the books of Hillary Clinton, Donna Brazile, Jeff Flake, and the Bushes. The peaceful deniers don’t pose a threat to our Republic, but the violent objectors do. This began on Inauguration Day, when hundreds of anarchists rioted in downtown Washington, D.C., smashing windows and damaging property.

The media have failed to sharply criticize the violence, and the Department of Justice has been slow in prosecuting it. It seems that crimes against almost anyone other than Trump supporters qualify as hate crimes, while authorities turn the other way to allow Leftists to commit violence against conservatives.

When a burly man rushed toward President Trump from behind during an Ohio rally at an airport hangar last year, he was merely charged with a misdemeanor and ultimately fined only $250. His slap-on-the-wrist punishment of one-year probation was lifted before he served even half of it.

Hate-filled acts of violence by the Left have dominated the headlines for much of this year. In June a supporter of Bernie Sanders shot up a baseball practice by Republican Congressmen, and in September a refugee gunned down church attendees in Tennessee.

Imagine the outrage if any of the aforementioned acts had been by a registered Republican against a liberal. There would be deafening calls for prosecution of such conduct as a hate crime, and a flurry of immediate activity at the Justice Department and in the media to deter repetition of such a crime.

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