'More Facts In Fewer Words' Continues

Ryan Hite, Jordan Henry, John and Andy Schlafly

From August 1967 to March 2018, 718 issues of the Phyllis Schlafly Report were published, making it the longest continuously running conservative commentary publication to ever be printed in the United States of America. It is truly an American standard in the political world. However, what makes the Phyllis Schlafly Report a standard is not its longevity, but its validity. The PSR isn’t some stuffy academic journal with endless streams of data. It’s a handbook to equip conservatives for action on the issues they care about most. With clarity, conciseness, and conservatism, the Phyllis Schlafly Report continues to live up to its commitment to “more facts in fewer words.”

For all fifty years, defending the Constitution has been a top priority. The individual threats to our Constitution may have changed, but the PSR has always been there to break down the complicated language of constitutional lawyers. During the fight against the so-called “Equal Rights Amendment,” it was the P.S. Report that warned of how such an amendment would devastate women, the family, and our system of government. When our nation faces foolish attempts to abolish the Electoral College, give Washington, D.C. statehood status, or initiate a constitutional convention, the Phyllis Schlafly Report provides the clear voice of reason backed by facts and embracing the conservative perspective.

The Phyllis Schlafly Report has always been a strong defender of American sovereignty. Few other publications address such a broad array of issues dealing with the defense of American governance. Likewise, the PSR covered the serious threat of immigration years before Donald Trump came on the political scene.

To many people, Phyllis Schlafly’s signature issue was the American family. She understood that the very fabric of our society depends on the institution of the family. The Phyllis Schlafly Report dutifully stands in the gap every time the family comes under attack of the radical feminist left.

The Phyllis Schlafly Report has been and will continue to be the voice of the conservative movement. Thank you for making these past fifty years of the Phyllis Schlafly Report possible. We look forward to sharing the next fifty with you as we carry the torch of the conservative movement into the future.

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