Liberals Condemn Scientific Research

Ryan Hite, Jordan Henry, John and Andy Schlafly

Liberals have a long history of denying facts and silencing opposition - particularly when it comes from their own ranks. Liberal academia is particularly guilty of this, and also very touchy on the subject of discussing the two unique biological sexes. If even moderate or liberal professors step out of line on this message, they are suspended, fired, ridiculed, or shunned into obscurity by their Marxist peers. But we can take hope! There are still those in academia, even left of center, that are willing to be intellectually honest.

University of Washington Seattle Professor Stuart Reges [REE-JIS] recently wrote an essay arguing that women are less likely to pursue computer science degrees due more to career preferences and gender differences than to patriarchal oppression. Now, professor Reges is by no means taking up the banner of conservatism. He has a long career full of fighting to get more women interested in programming and computer sciences and upping the percentages. He admits that he would love to see a 50/50 gender split in STEM fields. But the dogmatic left are unwilling to even entertain his reasoning that maybe women just don’t want to go into computer sciences.

“We’ve made a lot of progress in trying to get more women” in programming, Reges said. “But we’ve kind of stalled… I feel that this insistence that we get to 50/50 men-women, and that until we’ve reached 50/50 there must be oppression, I think that’s a very dangerous idea to have… I gave my honest opinion that I think it’s not going to happen.”

What Professor Reges also finds unfortunate is those who have and demanded he be silenced because of his essay. “That’s another aspect of this… People said you shouldn’t give me a platform. People aren’t supposed to say what I’m saying… That’s a dangerous thing when people aren’t allowed to discuss something openly.”

We’re encouraged to see those who are left of center stand up to the progressive messaging machine. The left does not tolerate dissent in their ranks. It’s high time that those who are willing to consider intellectual honesty and open discussion return to having a say in academia.

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