Liberal Republicans Continue Unchecked Investigation

Ryan Hite, Jordan Henry, John and Andy Schlafly

Unlike those who understand constitutional, executive authority, many liberal Republicans in Congress are pandering to the media by pushing legislation to put the authority of Special Counsel Robert Mueller above the president. The irony is that while Never Trumpers insist that the president is not above the law, they have been trying to make Mueller above the law instead.

Retiring Pennsylvania Representative Charlie Dent, a strident Never Trumper who announced that he will quit his seat even before his term expires, is a sponsor of silly legislation in the House to protect Mueller’s authority and investigations. With a straight face, Dent declared that “independent investigations must be given the resources needed to carry out their investigations.”

Well, Mueller has already burned through untold tens of millions of dollars, achieving the destruction of the lives of Trump supporters and forcing them to waste many millions of dollars of their own. All told, Mueller may have already caused the waste of $100 million, with no end in sight.

Dent continued by pompously declaring that Mueller must have “the authority and public confidence to see [his investigation] through to conclusion.” But Dent provides no guide on when that conclusion will be, and it is has become obvious that Mueller will continue until he is fired or shut down.

Congress extended Mueller’s blank check for his expenses into 2019. All indications are that Mueller is widening the scope of his Grand Inquisition, rather than trying to wrap it up promptly.

If Trump does not take steps now to end the anti-Trump project, then it will become an issue in the presidential campaign that will begin soon after the midterm elections. Already a significant chunk of Trump’s campaign dollars are being diverted to legal fees.

This silliness is wasting time, taxpayer dollars, and precious time to govern and put our country back on track. Liberal Republicans like Lindsey Graham and Charlie Dent are hurting the GOP by siding with far Left Senate Democrats Chris Coons (Delaware) and Cory Booker (New Jersey) in promoting the pro-Mueller legislation. No Democrat would support such a bill if the shoe were on the other foot.

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