Leftists Stirring Violence and Hate

Ryan Hite, Jordan Henry, John and Andy Schlafly

For all the left’s cries about supposed right-wing bigotry, hatred, and violence, the perpetrators of nastiness, discrimination, and even physical assaults in the news are liberal Democrats. From California Rep. Maxine Waters to the Red Hen owners to the hyperbolic fake news media - liberals across the country are being encouraged to discriminate against and even heckle or assault Trump supporters in public.

The latest story of abuse comes out of San Antonio, Texas, where an irate man berated and attacked 16-year-old Hunter Richard. Hunter’s crime? He was sitting with his friends at a fast food restaurant… sporting his “Make America Great Again” ball cap. Video emerged of a 30-year-old man - identified as Kino Jimenez [KEENO HE-MEEN-EZ] - approaching the teen and his friends at their table and launching into a profanity-laced tirade and ripping the cap off of Hunter’s head.

The video shows the teen calmly responding “I support the president,” before he was abruptly cut off by Jimenez throwing a drink in his face. The teens sat stunned as the man continued his profanity toward the door, gloating that the hat would “go great in my fireplace.” The man, once identified, was arrested and charged with “theft of a person,” but the fallout didn’t stop there. It seems he has now lost his job due to this incident.

This is just the latest in a long string of Trump supporters being ridiculed and verbally (or physically) assaulted. From the President’s own Press Secretary and Cabinet members down to the most innocent of high school students, the left’s violence and hypocrisy knows no boundaries. This hatred is being fueled from the very top by the media and liberals like Rep. Maxine Waters, who encouraged a California crowd to seek out Trump officials in public places and shame them.

Americans would do well to watch for themselves who the true perpetrators of discrimination and violence really are. As for Hunter and his friends? Justice was followed by an even sweeter reward for their calm response to hate: both Donald Trump Jr. and Trump’s campaign manager reached out to the boys and supplied them with new hats, signed by the President himself.

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