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IWY Recap: Forty Years after International Women's Year

Ryan Hite

On this day forty years ago, the national convention in Houston, Texas, of the National Commission on the Observance of International Women's Year came to a close. The radical feminist agenda in the form of the Equal Rights Amendment would never see another victory. Phyllis Schlafly and her pro-family army of volunteers made sure of it!

In the last few days, we have discussed the many fallacies and falsehoods of the liberal feminists. From bad policies and dishonest tactics to outright revising historical accounts, "women's libbers" seemingly took every opportunity to expose their real agenda to the American people, and it was soundly rejected.

On this closing day of the IWY Houston Convention in 1977, we invite you to examine the facts for yourselves. Take a look over our entire IWY Anniversary series here at PhyllisSchlafly.com

We would also like to leave you with a final highlight video. Phyllis Schlafly participated in a special edition of Meet the Press, filmed in Houston during the IWY activities. Surrounded by many radical feminists, Phyllis spoke the truth with a smile! Her demeanor suggests that she knew then what she wrote the next month in December 1977:

"Likewise, the Battle of Houston dealt a crippling blow to the anti-family forces of Women's lib. The war isn't over... But there is now no question which side will win."


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