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Happy Constitution Day 2017

Ryan Hite

Happy Constitution Day 2017!

Over last three days we have journeyed through celebrating, studying, and defending our U.S. Constitution! From Phyllis’s speeches and feature length films to quizzes and activities, we have learned about and tested our knowledge of the Constitution. On this 230th Anniversary of one of our great founding documents, we have much to be thankful for. 

Phyllis Schlafly knew we had much to study and appreciate – from the founding fathers who penned and debated the words to the principles and freedoms and how they affect our everyday lives. This unique document that has stood the test of time helped to set forth one of the greatest nations the world has seen. We can think of no better capstone on this series of Constitution Day messages than to hear the story of “We the People” from Phyllis Schlafly herself.  

Please view this wonderful video project entitled “We the People,” produced by Phyllis Schlafly for the Bicentennial Celebration of our U.S. Constitution! Thank you for celebrating Constitution Day 2017 with us, and we hope you’ve found this series educational and challenging! 


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