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Trump Eradicates the Deep State
By: John and Andy Schlafly

A whopping 74% of Americans recognize the problem of the “Deep State” – the entrenched bureaucrats in D.C. who control our government. This was confirmed by a remarkable poll release... Read More

Trump Ends Globalism at the State Department
By: John and Andy Schlafly

Outgoing Rex Tillerson is, by all accounts, a very likeable fellow, and no one wants to kick someone when he is down. But President Trump wisely fired him as secretary of state for having an outlook d... Read More

How Trump Wins on Trade
By: John and Andy Schlafly

When President Trump announced he would protect American jobs by imposing tariffs on foreign-made steel and aluminum, naysayers of both parties rushed to the nearest microphone or TV camera. Pundits a... Read More

Trump Knows ‘What Voters Want to Hear’
By: Jordan Henry

Phyllis Schlafly knew that Americans care about the threat of globalism. In fact, she would know this fact better than anyone else because she first brought globalism to the attention of the modern co... Read More

Social Media Monopolies Advance Leftist Agenda
By: John and Andy Schlafly

Despite his headline-grabbing indictment of Russian nationals for interfering with the U.S. election, special counsel Robert Mueller has still found no evidence of collusion between any Russians and t... Read More

How Trump Changed the Debate
By: Ryan Hite, Jordan Henry, John and Andy Schlafly

When President Trump announced his decision to wind down DACA, which protects illegal aliens who came to America before their 18th birthday, Democratic leaders were secretly pleased. They thought DACA... Read More

Defeat of Globalism is the Story of 2017
By: Ryan Hite, Jordan Henry, John and Andy Schlafly

On Dec. 21, as President Trump prepared to leave Washington for Christmas, the White House released a list of “81 major accomplishments” during the President’s first year in office. ... Read More

PRESS: Trump Administration Expands Mexico City Policy to Further Prevent Foreign Aid Funding Abortion
By: Ryan Hite

Washington, D.C.:  The U.S. State Department issued a report late yesterday with an update on the expansions to the "Mexico City Policy" re-authorized by President Trump on his thi... Read More

Trump Keeps Winning on Immigration
By: John and Andy Schlafly

President Trump’s approval rating jumped 10 points in January, rising to the highest level since soon after he was inaugurated. As Congressman Steve Stivers noted, “No president in their s... Read More

PRESS: President Trump Issues Warning on Democratic Government Shutdown over Immigration
By: Ryan Hite

St. Louis, MO:  President Trump threatened today to let Democrats force another shut down this week if they refuse to come to an agreement on immigration reforms. In remarks to the press dur... Read More

Assimilation, Not Diversity
By: Ryan Hite, Jordan Henry, John and Andy Schlafly

The same day President Trump vowed to end the “visa lottery” and “chain migration,” Attorney General Jeff Sessions said the men who committed the two New York terrorist attacks... Read More

Lax Immigration And Terrorist Attacks
By: Ryan Hite, Jordan Henry, John and Andy Schlafly

“There have now been two terrorist attacks in New York City in recent weeks carried out by foreign nationals here on green cards,” President Trump told an impromptu news conference in Dece... Read More

A 'Rebranded' Republican Party
By: Jordan Henry

When the history books talk about Phyllis Schlafly, they will talk about what she did. They will talk about launching the modern conservative movement, defeating ERA, defending the American family, pr... Read More

Open for Business, not Phony Free Trade
By: John and Andy Schlafly

A few days before delivering his report to Congress on the State of the Union, President Trump took a victory lap at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. That’s the annual gathering o... Read More

PRESS: ​ President Trump to Challenge Globalism at World Economic Forum
By: Ryan Hite

​Trump to Promote Pro-America Message and Fair Trade Practices at World Economic Forum   Trump is second sitting President to visit gathering of global elite; visit promises to be ... Read More

Trump’s Breakthrough Win Against Shutdown
By: John and Andy Schlafly

President Trump proved the pundits to be wrong, once again, with his breakthrough victory against the shutdown. Nearly all political experts pompously declared that Republicans cannot win in a shutdow... Read More

PRESS: Russian Collusion Witch-Hunt Resulting in Embarrassment for FBI
By: Ryan Hite

Anti-Trump texts from FBI agents now missing, Sessions orders investigation. St. Louis, MO:  Since May 2017, a supposedly independent investigation has plagued the news about alleged 20... Read More

Violent Outburst Against Rand Paul
By: Ryan Hite, Jordan Henry, John and Andy Schlafly

When a Leftist goes on a shooting rampage and then kills himself, or is killed by a bystander, then there may not be much to prosecute. But last month, a frightening assault against a leading conserva... Read More

Never-Trumpers’ Violence Goes Unpunished
By: Ryan Hite, Jordan Henry, John and Andy Schlafly

After more than a year since Donald Trump’s election, there are still pockets of resistance that refuse to acknowledge a peaceful transition of power and the new administration. Many holdouts ca... Read More

Trump Should Take Control of DOJ
By: John and Andy Schlafly

Robert Mueller’s ongoing “investigation” of Trump supporters is the only part of government that has no budgetary constraints and no real accountability. Its lack of proper oversight... Read More

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