Derrick and Orrick’s One-Two Punch Against Trump

Ryan Hite, Jordan Henry, John and Andy Schlafly

A new duo of Derrick and Orrick, delivered a one-two punch against President Trump in July. Federal District Judge Derrick Watson of Hawaii interfered again with Trump’s temporary travel ban, and federal Judge William Orrick of San Francisco perpetuated his injunction against Trump’s executive order that would cut off federal funding to sanctuary cities.

Somalia, Iran, and Libya – known for their terrorist, anti-American violence – are three of the six countries subject to Trump’s temporary travel ban, which suspends entry from those countries into ours by strangers who have no right to be here. In May, a Navy SEAL was killed and two other American soldiers were wounded in Somalia by an attack from Muslim forces.

Most thought the U.S. Supreme Court had properly resolved the issue of the temporary travel ban in favor of President Trump. But the strategy of the Left is to repeatedly use litigation and judicial supremacy to interfere with and impede a pro-American agenda at every turn.

Judge Orrick’s name was already familiar to many conservatives for how he has gone after the pro-life David Daleiden for embarrassing Planned Parenthood with his famous videotaped interviews. Judge Orrick censored the videos and in July held Daleiden in contempt for allowing the public to view them; Trump should immediately pardon Daleiden and his attorneys.

Judge Derrick Watson, though presiding in Hawaii, is also known nationally for halting the President of the United States while sitting nearly 5,000 miles away. This unelected solitary judge appointed by President Obama already initially blocked President Trump and his temporary travel ban back in March.

Ironically, Hamlet’s beloved court jester was named “Yorick”, whom Shakespeare described as “a fellow of infinite jest, of most excellent fancy.” There would also be much humor in this recent saga involving Derrick and Orrick, if our president’s ability to keep our nation safe were not at stake.

Join us tomorrow as we look further at this story, and the left’s flagrant use of judicial supremacy to get their way – regardless of elections or American citizens.

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