College Bans Men From the Gym

Ryan Hite, Jordan Henry, John and Andy Schlafly

College Bans Men From the Gym

The Phyllis Schlafly Report often talks about the outrageous antics of anti-male feminists, but one college is drawing special attention for their recent efforts. Pitzer College of Claremont, California, actually banned men from the school gym for several hours in order to “create a safe space for women and gender non-binary students.” We have written how feminists often discriminate against men through the political correctness and even U.S. law (through Title IX). But this outright ban stretches even further.

The event was organized by two Pitzer RAs and sponsored by Residence Life staff and the student center itself. The well-known Claremont Independent dove into this issue. According to their paper, they “attempted to inquire the organizers about why women and non-binary individuals have difficulty exercising with men” and if there even have “been any incidents in the gym where men have made other genders feel uncomfortable.” This request, of course, went unanswered.

Phyllis Schlafly wrote often about the discrimination against men’s sports teams and physical activities according to Title IX. She understood that these measures had a major negative impact on young men attending college if they were unable to compete in sports and other activities because of Title IX restrictions.

Pitzer College, however, is taking this issue to the next level. Barring men from the gym - even for just one afternoon - seems to not only violate the college’s own non-discrimination policy that protects students from discrimination based on sex, but it also seems to violate a host of state and federal civil rights legislation, including Title IX.

Not only are feminists absolutely discriminating on the basis of sex - the very thing they claim to fight against - but their actions are ensuring that young men will be forever discouraged from participating in higher education. From the crippling of men’s sports programs to other outright disadvantages men face on campus, it’s no wonder they now account for only 40% of college enrollment nationwide.

As America struggles to fill our workforce with talented young individuals, we need look no further than the radical feminists to find out how so many young Americans were discouraged from higher education simply because of their sex.

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