California's New Protection of Illegal Immigrants

Ryan Hite, Jordan Henry, John and Andy Schlafly

While the immigration debate rages in Washington, another debate is roiling the state of California, which has more immigrants (10 million) and more illegal aliens (2.4 million) than any other state. California’s Attorney General, Xavier Becerra [HAH-VEE-AIR Be-SARAH], is warning state’s employers not to cooperate with the federal government. He has actually threatened employers with prosecution if they collaborate with their own federal government in enforcing immigration law.

“Businesses are increasingly caught between California and Washington,” the Wall Street Journal reported. A new state law imposes fines of up to $10,000 on employers who provide information about their employees to federal immigration officials.

In the last presidential election, California went in a markedly different direction from the rest of our Nation. But the Supremacy Clause in the Constitution requires that California obey the same federal laws on immigration the other states must comply with in protecting American workers against illegal aliens.

This issue goes beyond even the problem of California’s sanctuary city policies. Now we are watching the Attorney General quite possibly criminally try to obstruct justice! Some members in the California assembly are even calling for investigations and indictments from U.S. Department of Justice.

We’re left to wonder, who in California is benefiting from these policies? A new Harvard-Harris poll from January shows overwhelming numbers of Americans favor measures against illegal immigration and even restricting legal immigration numbers. More than 60% each of Hispanic voters, Black voters, Democrats, independents, those that identify as liberal, and even 68% of those who voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016 all favor legislation that would secure the Southern border, end Chain Migration, and eliminate the Visa Lottery. The same survey showed that 85% of black voters said you shouldn’t come to the U.S. unless you’re bringing skills or money with you. The media would tell you these are fringe opinions, but polls show they are absolutely common across the demographic and political spectrum.

In the end, Californians might thank President Trump for taking a strong stand against illegal immigration, which is estimated to be costing that state about $30 billion per year. That’s far more than the costs of building a wall to solve the problem.


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