TOPIC: Public Prayer

Santa Fe School Was Victimized by Censorship of Prayer
By: Ryan Hite, Jordan Henry, John and Andy Schlafly

The tragic Santa Fe school shooting in May led to another round of liberal demands for gun control. But missing from their narrative was how this shooting by a former football player occurred at the v... Read More

Santa Fe School Was Victimized by Censorship of Prayer
By: John and Andy Schlafly

    Another tragic shooting at a public school leads to another round of liberal demands for gun control.  But missing from their clamor is how this shooting by a former football player... Read More

Celebrate Flag Day
By: Ryan Hite, Jordan Henry, John and Andy Schlafly

From the Archives | Previously Recorded by Phyllis Schlafly  Today is Flag Day, not a national holiday but nevertheless an important date on our calendar. Americans honor our flag as the symbo... Read More

No Denying the National Day of Prayer
By: Ryan Hite, Jordan Henry, Andy Schlafly

President George Washington declared a National Day of Prayer after the Whiskey Rebellion, as did President John Adams when France threatened war, and President Madison during the War of 1812.  P... Read More

Grinch Still Trying to Steal Christmas
By: Phyllis Schlafly

The grinch was a bitter, grumpy hermit who tried to steal Christmas from the kids in a famous children’s story of the 1950s. Unfortunately, the grinch has reemerged to try to take Christmas away... Read More

Obama’s Politics About Government Shutdown
By: Phyllis Schlafly

Americans were shocked by headlines like, “Priests Face Arrest for Holding Mass During Shutdown.” News accounts reported that Catholic priests were warned that they are not permitted to mi... Read More

Judges Who Want to be Supremacists
By: Phyllis Schlafly

Redefining the First Amendment is a core aim of Barack Obama’s plan to “fundamentally transform the United States.” He is steadily changing the First Amendment’s words, “... Read More

Atheist Attacks on Christmas
By: Phyllis Schlafly

Bill O’Reilly asked this question on his Fox News program last week: “Why do I have to be the leader defending Christmas against its attackers?” O’Reilly was criticizing Rhode ... Read More

One Nation Under Government — Not Under God
By: Phyllis Schlafly

When Barack Obama promised to “fundamentally transform the United States” we could not have anticipated the extreme transformations he would seek. The evidence is rolling in that he is det... Read More

Obama Censors the Declaration of Independence
By: Phyllis Schlafly

Who does President Barack Obama think he is that he can change the wording of the Declaration of Independence? Again and again he presumes to quote the great Declaration while making a significant cha... Read More

Islamic Indoctrination in Textbooks
By: Phyllis Schlafly

Political Correctness has a double standard when it comes to teaching about religion in public schools. Drop Christianity down the Memory Hole, but give extensive and mostly favorable coverage to Isla... Read More

Atheism Back in Court Again
By: Phyllis Schlafly

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit on December 4 will again hear a challenge by Michael Newdow to the Pledge of Allegiance and its phrase "under God." Newdow won his prior lawsu... Read More

Republican Appointees Disappoint Again
By: Phyllis Schlafly

The Supreme Court wrapped up one of its most disappointing terms in years. Plagued by Chief Justice Rehnquist's absence due to illness, the other justices behaved like the gang that cannot shoot s... Read More

Constitutional Confrontation In Alabama
By: Phyllis Schlafly

The secularists are gloating. They got a court order to remove the Ten Commandments monument from the Alabama courthouse and another court order to suspend Chief Justice Roy Moore who put it there. ... Read More

Congress Should Stand Up And Be Counted
By: Phyllis Schlafly

Federal court decisions about the Pledge of Allegiance and the Ten Commandments , and the specter raised in Lawrence v. Texas that marriage may no longer be defined as the union of a man and a woman, ... Read More

Are The Ten Commandments Unconstitutional?
By: Phyllis Schlafly

Alabama Chief Justice Roy S. Moore won his seat campaigning as the Ten Commandments Judge, and he has lived up to his billing. On August 1, 2001, he unveiled a magnificent two-and-a-half ton granite t... Read More

Important Court Decisions On Schools
By: Phyllis Schlafly

The atheists overplayed their hand. After their string of victories banning prayer and the Ten Commandments, they must have thought the time was ripe to get rid of God in the Pledge of Allegiance. ... Read More

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