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TOPIC: Immigration

Trump Should Stand His Ground on Immigration
By: John and Andy Schlafly

The mainstream media have had a field day reporting on President Trump’s alleged use of coarse language in a closed-door meeting at the White House last week. According to one tally, CNN repeate... Read More

PRESS: Activist Judge Defies White House on DACA
By: Ryan Hite

Supremacist Judge William Alsup of Federal District Court in San Francisco Orders Trump to Continue DACA St. Louis, MO:  Late Tuesday night, Judge William Alsup of the Federal District Court... Read More

PRESS: Put Americans First, No To DACA
By: Ryan Hite

DACA Expiration Gives Congress and President Opportunity to Improve American Economy. Washington, D.C.: As Congress considers 2018 spending and policy, Democrats continue to insist on fal... Read More

Sanctuary Cities Continue to Claim American Lives
By: Ryan Hite, Jordan Henry, John and Andy Schlafly

In October, California became a sanctuary state when Governor Jerry Brown signed a new law that limits what state and local officials can say to federal immigration officers about people detained by p... Read More

How Trump Changed the Debate
By: John and Andy Schlafly

When President Trump announced his decision to wind down DACA, which protects illegal aliens who came to America before their 18th birthday, Democratic leaders were secretly pleased. They thought DACA... Read More

Establishment is Still ‘Tone Deaf’ to Border War
By: Jordan Henry

A fable is told of a young Dutch boy who saved his country by plugging a hole in a dike with his finger. As the story goes, had the leak not been stopped, the hole would have gotten larger and eventua... Read More

Dream on, Establishment
By: John and Andy Schlafly

If money talks, the loudest noise in America would be an article published last Thursday entitled “Congress must act on the dreamers.” Legislation to protect the 690,000 illegal aliens kno... Read More

PRESS: Congress Must Say No To Amnesty Push In Year End Spending Bill 
By: Ryan Hite

Washington, D.C.:  In a final push for the spending bill that must be passed by December 22, Democrats have threatened to not support the bill without an amnesty for DACA recipients. The Speaker ... Read More

Amid More Terrorism, Question Diversity
By: John and Andy Schlafly

“There have now been two terrorist attacks in New York City in recent weeks carried out by foreign nationals here on green cards,” President Trump told an impromptu news conference on Tues... Read More

PRESS: Kate Steinle Killer Found Not Guilty
By: Ryan Hite

Acquittal of Jose Zarate Shows More Need than Ever for Wall, Tighter Border Security. St. Louis, MO:  Across the country, Americans were shocked last night when Jose Zarate received a not... Read More

English An Advantage
By: Ryan Hite, Jordan Henry, John and Andy Schlafly

Presently, the United States has no official language. Yet, only the clueless left deny that participating fully in American life requires proficiency in English. One must know English to read our fou... Read More

No Thanksgiving at the Border
By: John and Andy Schlafly

On the first day of Thanksgiving week, U.S. Border Patrol agent Rogelio Martinez died and an unidentified second agent was seriously injured as they patrolled a lonely stretch of Interstate 10 in west... Read More

Leftist Lawsuits Fight Trump on DACA
By: Ryan Hite, Jordan Henry, John and Andy Schlafly

DACA was announced in 2010 by executive action, Barack Obama insisted that it was not amnesty but merely a two-year reprieve and work permit with no guarantee of renewal. Obama’s unilateral exec... Read More

Remembering An 'Act of War'
By: Jordan Henry

Years before Donald Trump’s presidential campaign and days before the horrific attacks on American soil known as 9/11, the September 2001 Phyllis Schlafly Report went to press warning Americans ... Read More

Radio Live: Legacy Of PS, Higher Education, Communism, Islam as a Political System, Illegal Immigration
By: Ed Martin and Cherilyn Eagar

Legacy Of PS - Higher Education - Scars Of Communism In Russia - Islam A Political System - Illegal Immigration ... Read More

Radio Live: Abortion Law, PS Reports Immigrants Learning English, Andy Schlafly Supreme Court Justices
By: Ed Martin and Cherilyn Eagar

US Abortion Law: a review of the status of the Pain Capable and the Heartbeat Bills. 50 Years of Phyllis Schlafly Reports featuring the Importance of Immigrants Learning English. Andy Schlafly reports... Read More

The Lacking Past of GOP Pardons
By: Ryan Hite, Jordan Henry, John and Andy Schlafly

A decade ago Phyllis and others repeatedly urged President George W. Bush to pardon two courageous border patrol agents, Ignacio Ramos and Jose Alonso Compean, who had been unjustly sentenced to 11 an... Read More

Ending 'Divisive and Wasteful' Rhetoric
By: Jordan Henry

As a result of his pro-America positions and strong leadership, President Trump has been given all manner of bad labels, including racist, sexist, bigot, homophobe, and so many more. His rhetoric is l... Read More

Pardon Shuts Down Judicial Activism
By: Ryan Hite, Jordan Henry, John and Andy Schlafly

In pardoning Sheriff Joe Arpaio, President Trump illustrated why he is a cut above other politicians. Without waiting for judicial activism to drag on for years in the Ninth Circuit, Trump used his co... Read More

Corporations React to DACA Dump
By: Ryan Hite, Jordan Henry, John and Andy Schlafly

In September, President Trump released a plan to phase out the illegal Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival program (or DACA). In this release, Trump has not revoked anyone’s legal status, nor ... Read More

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