TOPIC: Grassroots Activism

Trump Eradicates the Deep State
By: Ryan Hite, Jordan Henry, John and Andy Schlafly

Trump Eradicates the Deep State The refreshing firing of McCabe was another shot across the bow in this comic-book-like struggle between the American people, led by Trump, and the dug-in Establishm... Read More

Education 'Encrusted with Lies'
By: Jordan Henry

You do not have to read very far into the July 2013 Phyllis Schlafly Report to find out that Phyllis Schlafly had very strong feelings about Common Core. Using phrases like “violation of federal... Read More

IWY: State Conventions Try To Fake Feminist Grassroots Support
By: Jordan Henry

Phyllis Schlafly was a master of grassroots organization. Her stunning victory over the overwhelming money and power behind the pro-ERA forces is the very model of what grassroots activism should be. ... Read More

IWY: Crowd Size and Energy of the Pro-Family Rally
By: Jordan Henry

The National Women’s Conference held on November 18-21, 1977, was a blatant attempt to use government funds to push for a feminist agenda favoring the bogus Equal Rights Amendment, taxpayer-fund... Read More

"History Is On the Side of Conservatives"
By: Jordan Henry

As the Reagan years came to a close with the election of 1988, Phyllis Schlafly took the time to look backwards at where the conservative movement had come from, and to look forward at where the conse... Read More

Fundamentals of Citizen Participation in Politics
By: Ryan Hite, Jordan Henry, John and Andy Schlafly

The election of 1980 gave American voters a stark contrast of the two parties and candidates – Democrat President Jimmy Carter and Republican Governor Ronald Reagan. Reagan relied on the grassro... Read More

From Passionate Patriot to "Intelligent Candidate"
By: Jordan Henry

The mainstream media and mainstream culture have a way of making candidates think they know what the people want. However, knowing what people actually want is an art form that very few people have ac... Read More

The Most Powerful Office in the World Is NOT the President of the United States
By: Eagle Forum Education & Legal Defense Fund

Now wait a minute. Isn't the President of the United States the leader of the Western World, the man with his hand on the nuclear trigger, the head of a ten-trillion dollar nation? The Presiden... Read More

Autopsy for the Republican Party
By: Phyllis Schlafly

A claque of liberals and media bigwigs are calling RNC Chairman Reince Priebus’s 97-page political opus an Autopsy, which the dictionary defines as the dissection of a body after death. Some peo... Read More

Battle for Control of the Republican Party Begins
By: Phyllis Schlafly

Karl Rove has declared war on grassroots conservatives and Tea Parties. Rove, who had the richest Super PAC in 2012 (American Crossroads, which reportedly spent $300 million in the 2012 election cycle... Read More

Why Did Ted Cruz Win the Texas Primary?
By: Phyllis Schlafly

To the surprise of the pundits, pollsters and predictors who think they are smarter than the rest of us, Ted Cruz won the nomination for U.S. Senator from Texas. A few months ago, he rated only 2 perc... Read More

Good News about the 2009 Election
By: Phyllis Schlafly

Ever since Barack Obama's election, the mainstream media and liberal commentators have been gleefully proclaiming the death of the Republican Party and predic... Read More

Obama Brings Chicago-Style Intimidation
By: Phyllis Schlafly

Obama's staff and retreads from the Clinton Administration are using Chicago-style intimidation to rescue his extravagant health-care bill from its decline in public opinion polls. A congressio... Read More

The Republicans' Call to Arms
By: Phyllis Schlafly

We recall the words of the old popular song, "What a Difference a Day Makes; 24 Little Hours." In this political year, it was actually 38 hours, but the poetry is the same. That's the... Read More

Rush: On Top Because of Courage
By: Phyllis Schlafly

Rush Limbaugh's 20-year domination of talk radio is a remarkable testament to the durability of conservative ideas as well as to Rush's skill and courage in explaining controversial conservati... Read More

Americans Want English As Our Official Language
By: Phyllis Schlafly

Hardly anyone predicted that the Bush-Kennedy-Kyl-Reid steamroller could be stopped. But as the New York Times reported on page one, the “Grass Roots Roared, and an Immigration Plan Fell." ... Read More

House Hears From Grassroots; Is Senate Listening?
By: Phyllis Schlafly

Late on Friday evening December 16, the House passed Rep. James Sensenbrenner's (R-WI) Border Protection, Antiterrorism, and Illegal Immigration Control Act (H.R. 4437) to require employers to ver... Read More

Grassroots Win Shootout In The West
By: Phyllis Schlafly

Nevada just witnessed the political equivalent of Shootout at the OK Corral. On one side was the full power of the Nevada government, and on the other side was a grandmother armed with a pen, a petiti... Read More

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