TOPIC: Fifty Years of the Phyllis Schlafly Report

A 'Slick Media Event' Shrouds the Facts on Guns
By: Jordan Henry

When a Clinton-backed group called the Million Moms March tried to use the gimmick of mothers distraught by children’s access to guns, the true voice of America’s mothers could not help bu... Read More

'Fed Up' With Clinton Hypocrisy
By: Jordan Henry

If there is one phrase to describe Americans today, it would be the phrase “fed up.” After two terms of a liberal president who lies to the American people and apologizes to every nation f... Read More

Looking Back To The 'Government of Tomorrow'
By: Jordan Henry

One of Phyllis Schlafly’s greatest strengths was her ability to work on an array of issues at one time. Many public policy organizations, though great allies of the conservative movement, pick a... Read More

The Unknown Clause That Caused 'A Tremendous Explosion of Human Energy'
By: Jordan Henry

America has long been a haven of innovation in the free market.  American inventors through the years have looked to Article I Section 8 of our U.S. Constitution and its protection of their &ldqu... Read More

Feminists Care About ‘Only the Feminists’
By: Jordan Henry

The success of President Trump’s campaign could be summed up by a single statement from his inaugural address: “The forgotten men and women of our country will be forgotten no longer. Ever... Read More

Ending 'Divisive and Wasteful' Rhetoric
By: Jordan Henry

As a result of his pro-America positions and strong leadership, President Trump has been given all manner of bad labels, including racist, sexist, bigot, homophobe, and so many more. His rhetoric is l... Read More

Freedom or Socialism, the ‘Real Issue’ of Health Care
By: Jordan Henry

As the battle on Obamacare continues to rage in the halls of Congress, the well of wisdom found in the Phyllis Schlafly Report can give decisive direction to critical conservatives. The July 1994 issu... Read More

The 'Most Fulfilling Thing' Phyllis Schlafly Ever Did
By: Jordan Henry

For someone as accomplished as Phyllis Schlafly, the question “What’s the most fulfilling thing you’ve ever done?” carries a lot of weight to it. The answer, which was given in... Read More

OBE: 'Success in Mediocrity'
By: Jordan Henry

Liberals are experts at labeling terrible programs with deceptively positive titles. No greater example could be found of this malpractice than in education. While claiming to empower underachieving c... Read More

Radio Live: Alex Newman On Takedown Of America, Rebekah Gantner, Jordan Henry NWO Wants Your Kids
By: Ed Martin and Cherilyn Eagar

Alex Newman from the New American discusses the takedown of America currently underway. -Rebekah Gantner reports from Inside The Beltway in DC. Jordan Henry highlights from 50 Years of PS Reports - Ne... Read More

“Dictatorial Control” Packaged As Children’s Rights
By: Jordan Henry

Globalism, for all of its big money backers and high-power promoters, is not appealing to the average American. Americans love freedom, liberty, and national sovereignty. As Phyllis might put it, glob... Read More

The "New Wave of Intolerance" Among Liberal Academia
By: Jordan Henry

Long before President Trump could come in and tear down the walls of political correctness, someone had to build those walls. The May 1992 Phyllis Schlafly Report chronicles the rise of political corr... Read More

Radio Live: Ed Martin On Anderson Cooper, Rebekah From DC, PS Report Military Readiness Gulf War
By: Ed Martin and Cherilyn Eagar

Highlights of Ed Martin's appearance on Anderson Cooper and Ana Navarro's blow up on camera in response to Ed. Rebekah Gantner from Inside the Beltway in DC. Jordan Henry with 50 Years Celebra... Read More

The Strategic Advantage of "Overwhelming Superiority"
By: Jordan Henry

The Gulf War marked a new day for the American Armed Forces. Phyllis Schlafly considered this chapter of American military history to be especially important because it allowed the American people to ... Read More

"A Time of Vindication and Rejoicing"
By: Jordan Henry

In April 1990, the Berlin Wall was being torn down to let East Germans travel to their family, friends, and countrymen in the West for the first time since 1961. This wall, which served as the preemin... Read More

The "Proven and Popular Formula" For Child Care
By: Jordan Henry

When President Reagan was finishing his second term in office, the anti-family Left was preparing their agenda for a liberal President Michael Dukakis. While George Bush, like Ronald Reagan, advocated... Read More

"History Is On the Side of Conservatives"
By: Jordan Henry

As the Reagan years came to a close with the election of 1988, Phyllis Schlafly took the time to look backwards at where the conservative movement had come from, and to look forward at where the conse... Read More

Defending the "Doctrine for All Seasons"
By: Jordan Henry

The purpose of this research project into the Phyllis Schlafly Report has been to see how Phyllis Schlafly’s flagship publication has been right on the issues for fifty years and how the same st... Read More

From Passionate Patriot to "Intelligent Candidate"
By: Jordan Henry

The mainstream media and mainstream culture have a way of making candidates think they know what the people want. However, knowing what people actually want is an art form that very few people have ac... Read More

Giving Real "Choice" In Education
By: Jordan Henry

Conservatives are given a lot of bad press for being “anti-choice” but they are actually much more in favor of real choice than their liberal counterparts. Of course, I am not talking abou... Read More

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